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Proper order

If you are not sure about how to use our order form properly, read the instruction!

In our example, 8 people order different kinds of pizza:

OrdersAdditional fillings
[6 pcs. Calzone thereof]#1 3 x garlic
5x Ham n´ Mozzarella (#01)#1 1 x corn
#1 1 x corn & onion
1x Pepperoni (#03)#3 garlic & onion
2 x Classic ham n´bacon (#08)#8 1x mushrooms & corn

First, you order the pizzas according to the image:

Check “Select your product” than quantity

Afterward, tell us the way how you want to have the filling/topping added:

Additional filling/topping filled in properly

With these simple instructions, it should work now! 🙂

Go now to the order form and do your order!